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Cacao + Coffee: an Exploratory Tasting Event with Grocer's Daughter Chocolate

Cacao + Coffee: an Exploratory Tasting Event with Grocer's Daughter Chocolate

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Saturday, May 11 // 1-2:30 PM

Coffee and chocolate: a pair like no other. Grocer's Daughter Chocolate and Higher Grounds Coffee bring together our love for both of these magical tastes with a  journey of sensory exploration.

Terroir--a term most often used in the wine world--refers to the distinct characteristics present in a sensory profile that are directly tied to the place where that product is grown. Lucky for us, coffee and cacao share the same love for tropical locales, each benefiting from similar climate and geography. We'll taste coffee and chocolate paired up by terroir, exploring the similarities and differences that come as a result of sharing the same landscape, weather patterns, and soil. 

Event duration: 90 minutes

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