About our Instructors

Jennifer Yeatts



Jennifer Yeatts (she/her) is Higher Grounds Director of Coffee and Director of the HG Coffee Learning Lab.

She has worked in specialty coffee for over 20 years, starting as a barista and growing into roles involving marketing, communications, quality control, inventory management, training, and public relations.

Jennifer is an Authorized Specialty Coffee Association trainer, licensed Q Grader, and a certified Coffee Quality Institute Lecturer.





Noah Pickett (they/them) is a roaster, educator, and delivery cyclist at Higher Grounds Trading co. They also contribute to the efforts of HG’s Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity Committee.

Noah has worked in the coffee industry since 2017, while also working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work at Northern Michigan University. They began in coffee as a nerdy hobbyist before transferring that passion over to positions as a barista, and now delivery person, educator, and roaster. 
Noah is a certified Specialty Coffee Association barista and plans to pursue a Q Grader license.